Research with Relevance Video Series

McCoy College of Business faculty conduct business-relevant, socially impactful research. This research impact video series features the extraordinary work of our notable scholars who are informing the practice of business today while shaping tomorrow’s business leaders.

Economics of Education

Dr. Li Feng, Finance and Economics

Employee Compensation –
You Get What You Pay For

Dr. Mina Pizzini, Accounting

Entrepreneurial Research Grants

Dr. Jana Minifie, Management

People, Places and their Natural Environments

Dr. Joni Charles, Finance and Economics

Serving Human Needs

Dr. Ray Fisk, Marketing

Examining the Role of Marketing in Healthcare

Dr. Sidney Anderson, Marketing

Improving the Oversight of Financial Markets

Dr. Nate Cannon, Accounting

Environment Justice and Sustainable Development Law

Dr. Jeffrey Todd, Finance and Economics

Decoding Data to Combat Rising Medical Costs

Dr. Tahir Ekin, CIS and Quantitative Methods

Macroeconomics Research

Dr. Andrew Ojede, Finance and Economics

Complexity Science in Management

Dr. Stephanie Solansky, Management

Family Business Research

Dr. Josh Daspit, Management

Knowledge Management and Dynamic Capabilities Research

Dr. Indu Ramachandran, Management

Service Research: How Transformative Research Can Change the Way Services are Conducted

Dr. Linda Alkire, Marketing

Auditor Judgment and Decision-Making

Dr. Billy Brewster, Accounting